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As the weather changes in Shahad, chances of pests attack increases. You can get rid of pests if they are less through DIY products but if they are more, it is better to hire our pest control services in Shahad that are reasonable and 100% assured to solve pest issue. With our pest control in Shahad, you can easily get rid of the pest. Just get a free quotation of our pest control charges in Shahad, analyze it and finally hire us.

A cockroach carries bacteria that spread diseases like Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Food Poisoning, Allergens leading to asthma etc. They produced the oily liquid that stains on surfaces where they secrete. This secretion having a very bad odor due to this odor cockroach attracts other cockroaches. Also, they contaminate food and surfaces. Night time is the best time for cockroaches to crawling overnight at home, kitchens as in dark and most humid places are comfortable for them. They contaminate everything on the way of them and spread bacteria. They have strong legs and wings that protect them and help them to run out from hitting.

Our technical teams apply an odorless gel at sensitive areas such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances & other hiding places to attract the cockroaches. The cockroaches that consume the gel will die within 24 hours. This type of gel is very effective that it not only harmful to cockroach but also contaminates to other cockroaches by eating a gel. Also, this gel has long-lasting effects that if some new cockroaches arrive its power to kill those insects also for even month after.

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