RVS PEST CONTROL SERVICE has been providing effective pest control services to residential & commercial premises across Maharashtra and beyond. Established in 1995, we have treated and managed some of the most iconic landmarks and premises of Mumbai.

The RVS Personnel are educated and well trained at Government approved institutes like ownership. We do workshops with leading manufacturers such as Bayer & Syngenta as well as regular in house trainings. We have an certification since 2010. We are affiliated with leading industry associations. We equip them with latest products & expertise in the pest control industry.

Pest Control Services in Mumbai is Just a call Away. Pest Control for Your Offices, Residents, Warehouses & Vehicles

RVS Pest Control offer complete range of professional Pest Control Services at reasonable costs. We are completely devoted to remove your all types of pest problems. We have been recognized as the highest growing RVS Pest Control Company in the India. We are at the beginning of new and innovative treatments in adjustment to deliver angry aegis for our customers. We are so assured in our service that we offer our clients a 100 percent RVS Pest Control provide leading pest control services in Mumbai with centralized head office in Mumbai for rapid services of pest control in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai as well

Pest Control Mumbai –Pest Free Homes

Pest like termite, rodent, cockroaches, wood borer and lizard can create incredible damages in our home and offices. Rodent can ruin our important papers, cloths and eatables. Termite is one of the most destructive pests which can ruin our important and expensive furniture. But if you are living in Mumbai, then you don’t need to worry we provide best pest control in Mumbai. So prevent pests from creating a big destruction before doing late. Pest control Mumbai services are the most important thing which you have to use in your homes for safe and healthy environment.

Pest Control Mumbai- Odourless, Safe & Effective

Although there are lots of pest control service provider in Mumbai but you need to check the professional history of them and you should always choose a best and reputed pest control service provider. Pest control Mumbai can be provided by an ISO certified organization like RVS Pest Control in your budget. So prevent these unwanted creatures and provide a healthy environment your love ones. Call us anytime at 9833331222 | 9004831685 for odourless, safe and effective pest control services.

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